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Welcome to the Coffinnail Site ~ Home of Coffinnails Cards!

Visiting this site because you are giving up smoking ~ it is Quit Smoking day on 14 March 2018, the month for quitters like you. StopTober is next on the list. Right now, nearly 2 million people out of nearly 10 million smokers in the UK are trying to quit ~ are you? Or do you want to help a friend kick the habit?

To buy, you can use Paypal or cheque. Or send an email or written order. Or look out for our auctions on that well known four letter site E***.

WE make no claims for Coffinnail Cards, T-shirts, or our other products. There are many products on the market which may focus attention on the downsides of smoking "coffinnails" but ultimately individuals must find their own way if they wish to give up. WE DO OFFER a proven form of game playing, mixed in with a "lighter" approach to the message that there are wiser things to do in life than use tobacco!

Warning slogans, and now images, are displayed on all cigarette, cigar and tobacco products in the UK. They are dull and unremarkable. So for Coffinnail we illustrated them ~ adding humour and bite ~ without holding back on the impact smoking has on life and health. Many of these slogans, such as "Protect children, do not make them breathe your smoke" will soon be embedded after only a few hours play using our cards. We have included the positives as well, such as the official help line for you to contact.

It takes only minutes to view examples of our inexpensive cards. Buy one pack of Coffinnails or two. Or choose an image for a T-shirt. Order with confidence. You can be confident that any personal information you supply will not be shared with others. We welcome cautious buyers, so please check us out. If you are buying from abroad you should E-mail first. Otherwise any payments you make will be converted into British Pounds and we reserve the right to notify you - and charge for - additional postage costs. To start shopping click on the Joker.

We welcome enquiries regarding personalisation of our cards for clubs, schools, organisations, etc.

N.B. Why not search the web for stop smoking advice? However, if you feel you have found a particularly good product or idea we would like to hear from you on our Facebook page. And here's a good place to start: https://stoptober.smokefree.nhs.uk/


Coffinnail's is not sponsored or supported by any official or unofficial organisation. If you like and buy our products that's good enough for us.

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